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Welcome to Bag Lady University, an educational adjunct of the Bag Lady Emporium, home to fine vintage handbags, jewelry, and other rare miscellany since 1996. The purpose of the University is to provide collectors with a cornucopia of information on the makers and history of the handbags and jewelry which are the Bag Lady's profession and passion.

For those unacquainted with the form, this site is a Wiki, a special type of website particularly well-adapted to the task of organizing large amounts of information in a readily searchable form; for an example (and an idea of the inspiration for this site), feel free to explore the Wikipedia. While a typical Wiki is intended for collaborative writing, this site is largely the Bag Lady's personal project. As such, she has reserved the ability to change to the content of pages. However, she is always interested in questions, suggestions or leads you may have, and with that in mind you should feel free to take advantage of the Facebook link on the left-side menu from anywhere on the site to make your feelings known.

Innovation is alive and well here at Bag Lady "U"! Frustrating unmarked Lucite Bag Identification should be easier as the Lucite Bag Maker page begins to fill in the information blanks! Have a look at LuciteBagMakers as it grows!

The University contains a large variety of information, but here are a few starting places:

  • Makers - Designers and companies responsible for creating the things we cherish.
  • Material - Information on the history and preservation of the materials used in handbags and jewelry.
  • Classification - Confused about the differences between handbags, clutch bags and reticules? Here's where you can achieve clarity of concept.
  • Bags - The University is proud to host the archives of the Bag Lady Emporium, a handbag resale website that operated from 1996 through 2022
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