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Handbags & Accessories January 1954 Issue

January 10-14 1954: Accessories Show
Hotel McAlpin, New York City

What to see at the Main Floor Accessories Show

We, the editors of Handbags & Accessories—Betty Held, Joan Barnet and Mary Lou Kiefer—cordially invite you to visit us in Room 833. We want to meet and know you. You are welcome to come in and just relax or to discuss your store and your accessory department problems. Editor's Note: For the first time in many years there is a trade show in the Accessory Industry. Both buyers, who will attend the show, and manufacturers, who are-exhibiting, want to benefit to the fullest extent by this major event. To help both groups, we have contacted exhibitors and developed this resume of lines that will be shown so that buyers may study it enroute to New York and thus determine which lines of merchandise fit into their departments. This alphabetical listing represents all information about exhibiting lines that was available at press time.

Altshul Stern & Co. Inc.
Stressing Valentine handkerchiefs with embroidered hearts and bleeding hearts and ladies' novelties of Swiss embroidered Easter bunnies on fifteen inch tape sheer. Also large size hand rolled linen prints with dainty paisley flowers and conversation motifs.

American Umbrella Co., Inc.
Featuring "Windtest" umbrella that goes back into shape after wind blows it inside out. Also, "Umbrellamatic," with automatic open and close features.

Annette Belts
Complete range of high-styled ladies' belts. Mother-of-pearl buckles on straw or pearlized calf; white and pastel cowhides or crushable calfs with wrought iron or hand painted ceramic buckles or ornaments; washable antique patent leather numbers with Florentine finish; jewel trimmed calf; colored bead decorations on straw. Ornate collar and belt sets in calf or satin trimmed with sequins, rhinestones, pearls, colored beads.

Aristocrat Leather Products
Will show their two designer lines— by Lilly Dache and Schiaparelli. Both lines to offer new colors, designs and textures. Miss Dache will be a guest of Aristocrat at the show. This billfold line will include a new mother-of-pearl finish. The Schiaparelli handbag accessory line will be strong on brilliant gold embossing on fancy spring colors including pastels.

Arpa Novelties
Leather and elastic belts with emphasis on top grain cowhide in dressy and casual types. Will show hand braided belts, metal, straw, novelties and classics in colors and pastels to retail $1 to $3.

Aster Flower Co.
Complete line of unusual straw handbags with bright flower or vegetable toppings. Flowers of new imported pearlized fabric. Flower tiaras and flower trimmed collars. Will show distinctly-new colors and boxed goods.

Ballou & Co.
Ladies' and men's jewelry in 10 and 14 kt. gold, sterling and gold filled. Feature ladies' tailored bracelet, anklets, necklaces — children's necklaces, rings, lockets, crosses, etc. and men's sets consisting of tie slide and link button,, money clips, key chains, belt buckles,, etc. Mostly staple line.

Bischoff Textiles, Inc.
Specializing in Swiss handkerchiefs of goods they weave themselves. Feature new line of $1 retail thirteen to seventeen inch cut styles with one and four corner embroidery. Some have embroidery on tape others have large one corner florals. Showing also 39 cent promotional goods and 59 cent promotions.

William K. Bohmer
Featherweight floral earrings, necklaces and pins, in dozens of colors all hand decorated. Each item packed in transparent acetate box. Larger boxes hold necklace and earring sets. Earrings have clip-back, come in several sizes including a contour. Necklaces use floral motif on snake chain.

Bond Street Jewel Case Corp.
Offer vanity jewel box with or without music box in plastic materials; some with gold tooling. Feature a brand new covering material not usual in jewel boxes plus unusual colors and color combinations.

 32                               HANDBAGS & ACCESSORIES for January,   1954

Britemode\\ Britemode Introduction of new group of carryalls in vinyl and plastic materials exclusive with the firm in the carry-all field. Genuine leather kits as well as novelty fabrics.

A. M. Bruno
High styled handbags in Hubschman calf in all colors to match calf shoes. Leather lined cobra bags. Alligator lizard items in all wanted colors. Also, genuine cordes, well styled, to retail at $2.95 and up.

Offers a French-fold with exclusive "Magic Purse" feature that retails from $3.95 to $10.00. Also, a French purse with framed purse instead of "Magic Purse" coin slot, to retail from $5.00 to $10.00. A Key-tainer in new molded shape with recessed zipper; has new head and loop making it easy to put on or take off keys.

Challenger Handbags
Shoulder bags of top grain cowhide combined with harness leather cowhide; retailing from $7.95 to $10.95. Tailored, soft crushed top grain cowhide belts, stitched and leather lined, using novelty closings and ornaments. Number of harness leather cowhide belts with stained and hand polished edges strictly for sports and casual wear. Belts retail from $3.00 to $5.98.

Features domestic and imported boutique items. Offers hand crafted pastel velvet brooches that are hand beaded in individual designs—no two alike—with matching earrings, cuff links and blouse buttons. Similar items in hand done petit point. Also trimmed brocade ascot with bead and fur motifs plus matching belts and cuffs. Alaska seal and galyak fur vests for "him' 'and for "her". From France, hand beaded purse and hat.

Compact Novelties
Handbag accessories and gadgets both domestic and imported. Large line of smart, new looking items at popular prices including jeweled compacts with matching combs, lipstick cases and such.

Dame Belt Co
Dramatic high style belts to retail mostly from $2.95 to $4.95 featuring cowhide in all colors, plastic patent in pastels and in a new gold flecked pattern. Unusual ornaments are used on straight and contour belts. Collars to match many belts.

Lothar Davids
Fashion jewelry with emphasis on glamorous arrangements of manipulated spring and summer necklaces in smart designs to sell at medium price. Also summer antique type bracelets and earrings of imported faceted stones.

Dolly Muff Manufacturing Co.\\ DollyMuffMfgCo Will show a patented muff stole of light weight woolen in pastels, or in fake furs and paisley prints.

Donna Costume Jewelry
Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and belts of millinery braid in many colors and combinations. Same items in a tiny nylon bead braid to retail at $1 and $2. Gold and pearl charm bracelets, safety pin and earrings that are copies of solid gold jewelry to retail at $1 and $2. Also complete line of white porcelain bead, tailored metal, enamel and rhine-stone.

Elegant Belt Co.
Washable cowhide belts in casual, dressy and novelty types. Unusual buckles and ornaments. Novelty fabrics such as canvas, felt. Also leather collars and complete basic belt line.

Eltrolize Industries
Feature coin slot leather ladies' billfold in standard colors to sell at $2 and at same price a plastic billfold using two-color technique. Also Dobbs vanity purse—a small plastic carry-all with outside change purse, coin slot and multiple compartments.

"Under The Sea" promotion featuring ladies' handbag accessories in soft saddle leather; in ocean blue, gulf pink, treasure yellow, marine green, island coral and reef red shades; all popularly priced. French purse, billfold, eyeglass case, cigarette case, key case, offered. Also men's album wallet holding from two to 32 cards or photos with extra pockets for money, spare keys, cards, stamps and tickets.

Eugene Jewelry Co.
New colors and manipulations of chalk and pastel beads in necklaces, earrings. White chalk with gold sometimes with coral or turquoise is starred. Shower type earrings and draped necklaces.

Fabulous Belts
Top grain glazed antique cowhide belts in full color range; unusual shaped buckles and ornaments, some in antique finish. Top grain cowhide numbers in pastels have white antique buckles. Plastic patent in pastels as well as white and black, velvet, clear and bamboo plastic styles decorated with rhine-stones and pearls.

Flechbilt leather Products
Belt and bag sets consisting of clutch bag and belt, cellophane wrapped. In genuine cobra, top grain cowhide, plated leather in over 24 colors to retail from $1.98 to $6.98 a set. Also matching bags and belts to sell separately from $1 to $10.95 in leathers, plastics, velvet, sequin and straw effects in many styles.

Gaines & Gaines, Inc.
This Chicago* firm offers fine costume jewelry in novelty designs to retail from $1 to $50. Sea Shore is their resort and summer jewelry in fishnet, shell, coral and turquoise combination. Match Stick is wood jewelry worked with colored beads. Cocktail represents the chalk and rhinestone assortment. Fantasy group features dramatic necklaces, earrings and bracelets of colored stones. They are dressy pieces, copies of imports.

General Handkerchief Corp.
Ladies' and men's handkerchiefs at popular prices. From Manila, ladies' embroideries to retail from 25^ up and men's T.V. initials. From Switzerland will be ladies' Schiffli and hand loomed embroidered handkerchiefs; also laces on linen center. From Madeira are ladies' embroidered linens and cocktail sheers and from Hong Kong, ladies' linen embroidered handkerchiefs.

Giant Umbrella Co. Inc.
Featuring Chromspun, Eastman's color locked fabric in pagoda shapes. New spring colors—16 rib styles. Also ombre acetate with flocked designs.

33 HANDBAGS & ACCESSORIES for January, 1954

Greenbaum Novelty Corporation
Hand carved, feather-weight jewelry of sprayed chalk white and gold plated finishes. Including a group of earrings, pins, necklaces and bracelets for $1 and $2 retail.

Harves Jewelry
Will feature its washable rhinestone crystal jewelry as well as a regular rhinestone line. This retails at $1 to $30. They also will show a tailored metal line to retail at $1 to $10. Both in complete range of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pins.

Heller Deltah Co.
This firm's La Tausca line designed by Majeska will feature manipulated bead jewelry stressing crystal with color. Interestingly shaped beads, dramatic draping and color combinations. The evening line offers faceted colored stone jewelry in such combinations as simulated opal with amethyst stones or with Montana sapphire.

House of Schrager, Inc.
Costume jewelry of leather, wood and dressmaker beads for promotional selling. Featuring "Lilac Time" which is a new type bead in delicate colors to complement spring clothes. All popularly priced. Show also "Jonne" originals of hand fashioned costume accessories.

Jay-dee Belt Co., Inc.
Complete line of felt, plastic and straw collar and belt sets for mother and daughter promotions. Unusual trims such as buttons, braids, wooden rings, beads, corks, etc. Also, a full collection of elastic cinch belts with hanging ornaments such as brass plated charms, jewelry pieces, gold and pearl hoops, etc.

Jay-Dee Handkerchief Co., Inc.
Swiss and Austrian embroidered women's and children's hankies with novelty embroidered motifs. Kiddies' domestic prints. Men's over-sized Swiss sheer colored woven clip cords. Italian colored woven numbers. All popularly priced items.

Jewels by Bogoff
To show an elaborate rhinestone collection of elegant necklaces, bracelets, pins and dramatic earrings. An important group in sapphire and crystal as well. These are featured to retail to $30 with a strong line to sell at $5 and $10. Will show other jewelry to sell from $1.

Jomal Co.
Manufacturers' representative, will show following lines: Everlasting Corsage, featuring natural wood fiber flowers for boutonnieres, earrings, bracelets; Dimitri Creations, makers of a patented interchangeable pendant type ceramic necklace, available in sets of three; Hairnet Corp. of America, offering popular price collars, belts, stoles, scarfs. A. Shreter & Sons, showing "smoothie" ties for women, and women's weskits.

Natalie Kahn
Will exhibit Ring of Dallas manipulated bead jewelry highlighting marsh-mallow and caramel, white and gold, coral, turquoise and combinations. Shell jewelry, tailored metal, rhinestone, and rhinestone combinations with white. Big earring line. Retail $1 to $15. Also Roth & Steiner purse accessories, carryalls and gadgets. Shell, enamel on metal, stone set, mother-of-pearl, cloisonne compacts, pill boxes, perfume bottles, cigarette cases, etc.

E. L Katzenstein Co.
Will exhibit a complete line of Italian straw bags in novelty styles. Line includes raffias, braids, milan, and several artificial straw types, in goods to retail from $2 to $7.95.

King Fashionable Belt Co. Inc.
Popular and higher priced ladies' belts in classic types of crushable cowhide, calf, patent leather and straw. Featuring new spring pastels.

Fred S. Klauber Inc.
Will show a new name hanky item for popular price promotion, plus a complete selection of new floral motif Swiss embroidered cotton sheers. Lace bordered linens will also be featured in white only, as gift suggestions.

Kotler & Kopit
Introduction of "Planter's Punch," a flower-pot-shaped jeweler's bronze compact with deep powder well ; appropriately trimmed with flowers in novel fashion. Filigree and jeweled tops on pastel enameled numbers. Pastel rhinestone decorated Flip-sticks, compacts, cigarette cases on jeweler's bronze. Duplex carryalls in all pastel enamel shades.

Walter Lampl
Reinstating its popular priced costume jewelry with $1 and $1.95 items designed for volume sales in better specialty stores. Showing faceted imported beads in six colors on gold finished chain with gold beads. Same styles with pearls. These are flexible and high style. They continue to feature low priced charm bracelets and their 14 kt. and sterling charm line with new motifs. Also cultured pearl on chain necklaces and earrings in promotional prices.

Levin, Meyer Company
Five hundred styles of new and outstanding creations in earrings for $1.00 retail. Group is comprised of tailored items, rhinestcnes, jets, pearls and summer whites.

Lilbe Products Corporation
Showing collars of all types including embroidered Swiss organdy; imported Italian straws with flower trims; jewel trimmed felts and genuine leathers; continuation of pastel colored genuine furs. Group mentioned starts at under $1.00 and goes up to $1.95 retail.

Ellen Lockwood
Represents many manufacturers from all sections of the country and foreign parts on unusual boutique merchandise. Belts include heavy cowhides with handsome ornaments as well as whimsical straws. There is a complete line of collars from bread and butter types to beaded and pastel fur or leathers.

34 HANDBAGS & ACCESSORIES for January, 1954

The Marhill Co. Inc.
Mother-of-pearl jewelry line; also newly styled line of Mother - of - Pearl compacts, cigarette cases, carryalls, lighters, pill boxes and other novelties.

Marsand Creations
Costume jewelry featuring large line of tailored earrings to retail at $1; also charm bracelets at this price plus antique type bracelets to $6 and costume rings and teen age jewelry.

J. Mas, Inc.
Imported from Spain, handbags, belts, shawls, mantillas, etc. Highlighting new group of Jose Mas handbags. Theme will be "The Spanish Influence on Women's Accessories."

Mayfair Jewelry Company
Unusual, tailored earrings in short and medium sizes; colorful necklace and earring sets using enamel and flowers; special Valentine promotion. Sportswear jewelry using golf or horse motifs. Full range of wide, tailored bracelets. For the "very young ladies," miniatures of what their mothers wear.

Meisels & Norman
Cinch belts for ladies, teenagers o>r the younger set; entire line retails from $1.00 to $5.95. Shirred elastic ribbon, lurex and velvet as well as a line of imported Italian and French velvets in spring colors for women. For the younger set, one and a half inch high figurines of characters taken from story books (Pied Piper, Little Bo Peep, etc.) decorate a series of items.

Mickey Belts, Inc.
Will feature belts to coordinate with name shoes, bags, scarfs, etc. One coordination is "Beaded Caviar," another is Song of the Sea, a third is hand rubbed leather especially keyed to a handbag coordination. In addition they will show their complete sports and dressy belt line.

Judy Modell Designs
Line of tie and matching cuff link sets; also individually packaged fabric and leather links. Pastel collars in leather with chalk white ornaments, lace, or reversible types. Indian madras tie and matching belt set. Also straw hats trimmed with jewel studded plaid cotton imported from Virgin Islands.

Morsly Handkerchief Company
Cocktail size handkerchief assortment including Swiss embroidered floral series with Val edges; replique hemmed Madeiras; Swiss corner florals with hand rolled edges finished with gold thread and net decor.

I. J. Nethe
Highlighting assortment of imported French ribbons including novelty ties, pull throughs, ascots. These are further decorated with bugle beads, rhinestones, pearls, flower clusters, shells, velvet, etc. Sometimes the ribbon is used to trim pique, shantung, etc., collars. Group of stoles and capes, woven of raffia, ribbon and gold thread are important here with straw edges; in pastel shades.

Paulette Jewelry
Unusual, hand-manipulated, coutour-ier styled jewelry, featuring original shower effect necklaces, bracelets and earrings in multicolor, opaque and frosted beads, interspersed with rondelles. Each hand made piece is individually created by the firm to retail from $1.00 to $9.95, with special emphasis on $1.00 to $4.95 price range.

Pan-Coast Bags, Inc.
Personally designed Cuban alligator bags with supervised production. Both ladies' and children's handbags from $4.75 to $14.50 each in plain or with stuffed heads, bodies and claws. Also complete line of small alligator accessories such as billfolds, key cases, cigarette cases, etc. and alligator shoes and accessories.

Pik Manufacturing
Slide bracelets with glittering pearls on movable motifs. A variety of dimensional drop charm bracelets. Continue fur innovations in white mink. Ladies cuff links plus an expanded accessory line.

Prince Gardner
The firm's Registrar with Add-A-Pass feature which enables addition or removal of windows will be shown in ladies' and men's versions in a full assortment of leathers and colors. Also for women, the Continental billfold. The Princess Gardner line comes in promotional pastel "confetti colors" as well as staple shades.

Reinad Novelty Co.
Colored bead jewelry in pink, yellow, red, navy, robin blue and white in self or combinations. Large group of white bead jewelry with gold chain. Lariats important plus regular adjustable necklaces. Shower expansion bracelets and shower earrings featured. Will show line of chain and textured metal. Antique copy slide bracelets and scarab bracelets. All groups are popularly priced.

Rialto Products Rialto Products\\ Collection of attractively styled shell bags, with plain or carved design lids. These come in all colors including white pearl.

Rivo of Switzerland
Featherweight pure aluminum jewelry in gold or silver finish that is said to be non-corrosive, non-allergic and guaranteed against tarnishing. Large collection of bracelets to sell from $3.50 to $10 in narrow to very wide that are adapted from solid sold jewelry. Also chain type bracelets and necklaces, bangle bracelets. Will introduce new pastel iridescent aluminum in bangle bracelet and bead necklaces.

Full line of ladies' jewel tabbed billfolds in calf and other leathers, all fashion-right colors, $5.00 and up retail; goatskin numbers in full color assortment for $2.50 and $3.50 retail. "Petite Trend" and heraldic embossed numbers. Spring handbag line starting at $5.00 retail this year. Completely revamped collection of Fit-alls (toilet kits).

Sanford & Co., Los Angeles
Indian type silver finished jewelry to retail from $1 to $12 with special emphasis on a packaged set of three bracelets to sell at $1. The line includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings in all metal or with synthetic turquoise.

Schildkraut Brothers
Line of genuine petit point accessories imported from India, Austria, Italy and France. Handbags, compacts, cigarette (Continued on page 36)

35 HANDBAGS & ACCESSORIES for January, 1954

(Continued from page 35) cases, comb cases, lipstick cases, perfume containers, etc. Items range from $1.00 to $400.00 retail.

Sol Spitz Company
To feature full line of domestic and European imported costume flowers, corsages, boutonnieres. Specializing in roses in every price, size, color and style.

Sperry Manufacturing Co.
High style rhodium - silver finished three piece jewelry sets; chokers, tas-selled chains, lariats, beads and realistic pieces representing flowers and leaves. New is the enameled collection of white and jet with guaranteed finish. Separates in bracelets, earrings and pins. Also new aluminum feather - weight jewelry called Sperrilyte in necklaces, bracelets and earrings in seasonal pastels.

Frank Speyer & Co.
Highlighting its new Lux tested washable leather in elk finish cowhide. Showing forty styles in classic and novelty belts. Feature wrought iron trim and buckles and new pearlette braid in iridescent colors.

Sport Belt Manufacturing Co.
Fine leather and fabric belts in high style designs with simple but dramatic decor. Materials include calf, alligator, cobra, satin, velvet, suede and antelope. Stitched self buckles are important and new. Dressmaker effects, bow trims and. jeweled accents, mostly on contours.

Straeter Lite-On America\\ StraeterLite-OnAmerica Handbags, imported from Holland with a 3-way illumination feature. The built-in lighting fixture illuminates face for make-up, inner contents and illuminates externally through decorative opening while bag is closed. Bags shown in a number of smart styles.

Strauss & Mueller and Elsa Originals
Showing scarfs, ties, oblongs, novelties, tricky scarfs, collars, gilets, fill-ins, stoles, jackets, shrugs, etc. Items shown will be made of embroidered pique, washable satin, linen, silk organza, light weight wool and soft pima cotton. Washable braids and fringes will trim many of the numbers. Elas-ticized tops for spring through summer wear featured in off-shoulder, long sleeve or covered shoulder versions in nice color assortment.

Imported from Switzerland, waffle pique and opaque organdy collars with Swiss embroidery. For misses and teens these come in white and colors. Also Swiss embroidered handkerchiefs. Theodor of California Offers a new series of calf box bags in two price groups, $7.95 and $10.95. These come in various shapes and sizes in youthful styles and all spring colors.

Tyrolean Handbags Tyrolean Handbags
Will introduce a brand new material which they expect will start a new trend in handbags. It is said to be as revolutionary as previous designs by this firm. In addition, they will have a complete line of plastic, and plastic and leather or fabric combinations with newly created Italian metal trimming.

Vogue and Belts by Bruno
Introducing new line of belts designed by Charles James, famous clothes designer. Also the Vogue and Bruno lines. Special belts for princess silhouette featured in James group, as well as specially designed belts for separates. Lines are developed in calf and patent leather, pastel soft finish cowhide, straw, linen, cotton, satin, webbing.

Wand Art
Decorated purse accessories that include about twenty-five items such as compacts, lipstick and eye-glass cases, combs, etc. All done with special process. New pattern is large flower in life-like execution in bead type decor. Will show same items in small tapestry type motifs and spring flower bouquets. Stardust designs to be repeated as well as figure designs in bead effects. Gadget line for juniors includes perfume bottles, compacts, picture frames, etc. with stardust on plain gold or black or white enamel. These are priced for the junior pocketbook.

Wiesner of Miami
Presents an entirely new line of jeweled accessories, in all new fashion colors. Included are cigarette cases, compacts, lighters, lipstick cases and perfume bottles.

Joseph Wiesner Inc.
Showing a new collection of costume jewelry, retailing from about $1 to $30 with the line broken down in complete price groups. Stone jewelry in chalk white and pastels predominate, and there is a special promotional group in ice blue. Almost all items in matched sets of necklaces, pins, bracelets and earrings.

Winard, Inc.
Gold filled jewelry with simulated and cultured pearls, plain tailored gold filled jewelry. High styles in necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pins, charms and discs to retail $3 to $25.

Yale Belts \\ To show Cordolite (synthetic material simulating top grain cowhide) belt line, retailing in $1.00 range. Broadening line to include many genuine leather numbers, primarily top grain cowhides, for $1.98 retail. Now featuring little girl belts in genuine leather as well as Cordolite, for mother and daughter promotions.

Zell Products
Introduction of major new line called "Sofia of Zell," which is represented by a pressed powder version of the firm's watchcase compact, and refills of compressed powder and foundation. In regular line, an automatic, self dial, dual initial compact complete with powder spoon, end portion of which is turning device for changing initials. Genuine calf covered "Autographa" compact sold with 22K gold leaf. Self personalization of compact made possible by writing on leaf. Sentiment, greeting or signature thus inscribed will not rub or smudge off.

 36           HANDBAGS & ACCESSORIES for January,   1954

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