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Florida Handbags of Miami
6888 N.W. 7th Ave.
Miami, Florida

Accessory market round-up

"Representatives Meyerowitz and Polan offer lucite bags from the Florida Handbag line to retail from $7.95 through $15. One "style with carved double handles has a deeply engraved top, interesting metal ball lock, and stands on small ball legs. In shell, smoke and laminated materials. A laminated base with double opening pineapple lucite top is rigid handled and retails at about $30. In the Jade line there is a velvet drawstring pouch in high colors"

"Handbags & Accessories" October 1955, page 36


One of the most prolific makers of Lucite Handbags

C00005: Stunning Orange Bakelite Florida Handbag with oval front and back, joined by a continuous curve single piece forming top, sides and back. The curvaceous clear rod handle is affixed to the bag with shiny silver hardware. There is some webbing on the underside of the lid (see detail) and one troublesome scratch on the front right corner. Measures 7 3/4 x 3 3/4 x 4".

The bag is available for sale for $225 at The Bag Lady Emporium.

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D00079: This fantastic mother of pearl embedded Florida handbag has everything that makes Lucite bags desirable. The high wide trough shaped body perches atop clear spherical feet. The diagonally carved horseshoe handle is mounted front to back and matches the carving of the lid. The pristine metal fittings sparkle like new. A complete acetate label is present. Minute mother of pearl chips reflect iridescent shades of pink, lavender, green and blue. Flawless condition. Measures an ample 8 x 4 x 5 1/2. The bag is available for sale for $425 at The Bag Lady Emporium.

Florida Handbag also created bags in a variety of fabrics and styles.

This delectible lavender vinyl bag dates to the early 1960's based on this ad for the lucite frame from Queen City Plastics on page 8 of the February 1961 Handbags & Accessories.

A00462: Outstanding gathered Lavender vinyl bag by Florida Handbags. The White of the Lucite frame and handle is continued down both sides of the day by the white vinyl corded trim. The front is embellished in chain stitch, twisted cording and gold metal beads. Jazzy rainbow striped lining shows slight staining and soil and features one metal zip and one open pocket. This pocket is marked in gold lettering “Florida Handbags of Miami.” I think you’ll find this bag delightful. Measures 16 1/2 x 2 x 9 1/2 with the 11 inch handle. SOLD for $90 in 2000 at Bag Lady Emporium

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