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Location December 1935:

Molomut Mfg. Co.
12 East 32nd St.
New York
MUrray Hill 4-3870

The March 1936 report on work materials for the Office of the National Recovery Adminstration (NRA) listed the location as Molomut Hand Bags, Inc. 150 Fox Street Elmira, NY. National Recovery Administration This might have been the factory location.

1936 NRA Report

Molomut Manufacturing Corp. Move to New Address

"The Molomut Manufacturing Corp., formerly Molomut Handbags, Inc., are now located at their new address; 12 East 32nd St. This firm specializes in handbags to retail at $1.95 and are one of the nationally known factors in the handbag industry specializing on this volume price line. They formerly maintained a showroom at 38 West 32nd Street while the factory was located at Elmira, New York. Under the new arrangement factory and showroom are together, the Molomut concern having leased an area of over 8000 square feet to take care of both production and selling. Mr. I. Molomut believes that by having factory and showroom together it will facilitate all operations and customers will get better service. Mr. I. Molomut is assisted in the handbag business by Mr. M. Molomut." (December 1935 Luggage & Leather Goods, page 67)

December 1935 Luggage & Leather Goods, page 60.

The 1940s

Location February 1942:

I. Molomut
298 Fifth Avenue
New York

New fabric offerings are announced in The February 1942 issue of Luggage & Leather Goods, page 42.

New Fabrics at Molomut

"In addition to the regular corde line at 1. Molomut, the firm is handling some attractive fabrics in multi-color designs with wood frames. "Belastraw," a straw type fabric, is exclusive with this firm. Underarm, top handle and top zipper models to retail at $2.95 are included."

Display ad February 1942 Luggage & Leather carried this story on page 64.

Suggested Bags for Mothers Day 1942 "Stress Young Gay Types to Cheer Up Our War Time Mothers" on page 42 of the April 1942 "Luggage & Leather Goods."

Page 57 of the same April 1942 issue has "Handbag News" from Molomut.

Prefers Music to Handbags

Cy Molomut, known to the musical world as Cy Martin, is now making a name for himself as a music arranger with one of the large music publishing houses in New York. Cy was formerly connected with his father T. Molomut in the handbag business. He's a "chip off the old block," as they say, for we learn that papa Molomut used to be quite a violinist.
In addition to a complete line of staple and colored corde bags, the firm of I. Molomut is making attractive little cocktail numbers in corde to retail at $2.95. These are envelope and top zipper styles in all solid colors or multi-colors.

June 1942 Luggage & Leather Goods, page 56

Same June 1942 issue, page 40 VICTORY BAGS...1942VictoryBags

Bag Designers Feature New Construction Sans Zippers, Frames Snaps or Metal

Using no frame, or metal, this top handle corde has a secure flap closing. Extra small tab prevents lock from opening. Inside compartments provide safe place for everything. From I. Molomut.

New shopping trends, reflecting wartime rationing and restrictions, were in evidence for Fall 1942. (August 1942 "Luggage & Leather Goods," page 35

Dramatize Fall Bags To Wear With Coats
Fall Bag Shoppers Seek Styles That Are Complementary to Fur and Fur Trimmed Coats

"With shoppers being advised from every angle to choose their clothes and accessories with great care, it is quite obvious that handbag customers will be super-critical this fall. A type of hag equally smart with new fall dresses and also with a fur or fur-trimmed coat, will be in demand by women who plan and select their wardrobes early in the season.
Many women prefer a top handle bag to wear with a fur coat, believing that the underarm type rubs the fur. Whether or not such is the case, we must cater to this whim. A pannier type of handle serves double duty as. it can also be worn as an underarm. Another versatile handle bag is the one shown here with prystal loops. These may be dropped down over the top of the bag making it an attractive underarm.
Stress quality in early fall handbag merchandising. Tell customers that large", practical, sturdy bags like these will see them smartly through fall and winter. Play up your bags, with soft shirring as the perfect complements to simple straight line coats which are a result of government restrictions.

Exceptionally practical with fur coats is the corde bag. This one with pannier handle can also be carried as an underarm. Of genuine corde with lucite snap lock. Featured by I. Molomut.

Display ad August 1942 issue of "Luggage & Leather Goods," page 55

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