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Location June 1949:

Jenet Handbag Co., Inc.
49 West 38th Street
New York 18, N.Y.

A.J. Bows & Co. AJBowsCo
36 South Satate Street
Chicago, Illinois

San Francisco:
Phil Rosenthal
833 Market Street
San Francisco, California

Showroom February 1950:
171 Madison Ave
New York

Full page ad "Handbag Buyer" June 1949, page 16

The 1950's

Corde' Bags were trendy for Spring 1950, as evidenced by a full page feature in the same February 1950 issue of "Handbags and Fashion Accessories," page 47, including this example from Jenet.

Corde Courts New Trends
And you'll count new customers for this perennial favorite with trim newsworthy styling added to its enduring qualities

"NEW TREATMENT of corde by Jcnet uses it as embroidery against background of plain faille for strikingly decorative contrast on classic vanity. Lining may also be in contrast or self color. For promotion at low figure."

The same February 1950 issue carried this display ad fo Jenet bags. It provides an overview of the variety avaialble form this maker for Spring 1950.

spring's on the wing ... and jenet is ready to show handbag buyers:

Corde'as usual
the finest in genuine corde. Retaining the famous Jenet quality, these bags are smart, different. Terrific values to retail from $2.95 to $10.

STRAWS unusual
madagascars with a unique originality. Multicolored straw embroidered. Something new to step up sales. Retailing at $5.

FAILLE for style
featuring faille embellished with corde embroidery. Really NEW. Retails at $5.


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