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Location March 1930:

Kaplan & Gordon
141-147 Fifth Ave.
New York

Location December 1935:

Kaplan & Gordon Corp.
6 West 32nd St.
New York

August 1936 Location:

Kaplan & Gordon Corp.
20 West 33rd St.
New York, NY

March 1930 "Hand Bag Modes" page 73

Display ad page 59 Luggage & Leather Goods December 1935

Air conditioning and Art Deco styling enticed buyers to the new showrooms of Kaplan & Gordon in August 1936. The announcement (page 72) and photograph (page 70) are included in the August 1938 issue of Luggage & Leather Goods.

The same issue includes examples of Kaplan & Gordon's Fall 1936 line.

The 1940s

Spring styles for 1942 are introduced in the February 1942 Luggage & Leather Goods, page 48. Emphasis is on "Morale! . . . one of the most important words in our vocabulary today. What has it to do with the handbag department ? Plenty, we say! It's the gay novelties that lift many a spirit out of the doldrums. Handbags this season will play their part in adding color and life to even the most tailored costume.

Bags For After-Dark

Due to more women entering war work, the evening bag story has been somewhat curtailed. Leading manufacturers do expect a spurt of business on cocktail types that can be worn with daylength dinner clothes. The feeling is that well dressed women will want to get out of uniforms and become soft and feminine after dark, but that there will not be much demand for the really formal evening bag this spring. To meet this demand better houses are showing beaded bags that will go with street length formal clothes, failles, taffeta and ribbon numbers with dainty shirring or tucking and gold and lucite trimmings. There is also some interest in inexpensive young evening bags for graduation gifts. Beaded styles, ruffled lace, and net and shirred fabrics are being shown for this purpose."

"One of a new group of Corde bags from Kaplan & Gordon. Corde is worked into a geometric pattern and beautifully finished with hand carved prystal frame"

This half page ad on page 53 of the same issue gives an overview of the company's products for Spring 1942.

To cash in on the new trend and move toward materials not resticted to war use, Kaplan & Gordon added a line of Corde' bags for Spring 1942.

Kaplan & Gordon Making Corde

"For the first time this spring Kaplan & Gordon is introducing corde bags into the line. Using the trade mark "Corde by Charlet," this house is showing a very well styled group to retail at $7.50, $10, and $12.50. In an effort to lighten the numbers for spring selling, hand carved clear plastic frames, and large prystal ornamental clasps have been incorporated into the designs.
Underarms, top zipper and top handle models both in tailored and dressy styles are included. The hags are amply sized and are worked into interesting geometric patterns. Such niceties of detail as padded corde pull tabs on the zippers and gussets that are worked in corde are worthy of note." (February 1942 Luggage & Leather Goods, page 61)

The Cotton Charmers For Summer Selling article in the April 1942 Luggage & Leather Goods, page 40 illustrated new designs using innovative materials not limited by wartime priorities. 1942CottonSInTheBag

Rough grained natural cotton hopsacking with applique design of simulated leather in Turftan. Also available in fine grained hop-sacking or with applique design in three colors of felt. The frame is natural wood, with carved pattern. Retail $3. Kaplan & Gordon

Page 57 of the same April 1942 issue "Handbag News" column:

Plastics at Kaplan & Gordon

"A new group of plastic bags to retail at $2 have recently been introduced at Kaplan & Gordon. They are designed in large squares with raised beaded design as their pattern. Envelope and zipper styles are shown with colored simulated leather trimming.
Joe Gordon of the firm reports that the "button, button" bag of last year has been repeated by popular request. It is being done in faille this season.

The 1950s

Bags for Spring 1956 were presented on January 3, 1956 by agreement as a member of the National Authority for the Ladies Handbag Industry. 1956NationalAuthorityMembers


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