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Location April 1942:

Queen Leather Goods Company
Since 1916
35 West 35th St.
New York WIsconsin 7-4965-6

Established 1916

Spring styles for 1942 are introduced in the February 1942 Luggage & Leather Goods, page 48. Emphasis is on "Morale! . . . one of the most important words in our vocabulary today. What has it to do with the handbag department ? Plenty, we say! It's the gay novelties that lift many a spirit out of the doldrums. Handbags this season will play their part in adding color and life to even the most tailored costume.

Bags For After-Dark

Due to more women entering war work, the evening bag story has been somewhat curtailed. Leading manufacturers do expect a spurt of business on cocktail types that can be worn with daylength dinner clothes. The feeling is that well dressed women will want to get out of uniforms and become soft and feminine after dark, but that there will not be much demand for the really formal evening bag this spring. To meet this demand better houses are showing beaded bags that will go with street length formal clothes, failles, taffeta and ribbon numbers with dainty shirring or tucking and gold and lucite trimmings. There is also some interest in inexpensive young evening bags for graduation gifts. Beaded styles, ruffled lace, and net and shirred fabrics are being shown for this purpose."

"Genuine Corde in a combination of navy and multi-color. Also shown with solid color section of brown or red. From Queen Leather Goods."

Display ad April 1942 "Luggage & Leather Goods," page 56

VICTORY BAGS... 1942VictoryBags

Bag Designers Feature New Construction Sans Zippers, Frames Snaps or Metal

Queen Leather Goods is patenting a new closing that comprises a strap arrangement. It is being used on six corde Victory styles including an underarm, a thumb handle, a pannier and a top handle. Although zippers and frames are still available, these bags make headline news. Get them! in stock quickly ... they're attention getters!

June 1942 Luggage & Leather Goods, page 57 and the August 1942 issue, page 50

Same issue, page 60

Queen Introduces New Closing

"J. Schulman has just designed and patented a new type of closing which uses no metal, snap or frame. The Queen Leather Goods line of genuine corde bags will have a group of about six numbers with this design.
Thumb handle, pannier and top handle and underarm styles will be shown. The interesting construction forms a closing that is not only attractive but absolutely secure."

The 1950's

February 1950 issue of "Handbags and Fashion Accessories," page 68

GRACEFUL spring curves are evident in the scooped frame and barrelled body of a youthful calf bag by Queen Leather Goods. From new group to retail at popular prices

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