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Highlights Of The New Spring Handbag Lines

Self or Simple Decoration, Long Narrow Silhouette in Underarm Styles, Precisely Tailored and Soft Crushy Dressmakers Predominate

As we approach the new season we are curious to know what effect the war will have not only on business but on the styling of handbags. Before the new lines opened there was much speculation as to materials and prices. A review of leading collections indicates that leathers, though high, are still available. Calf bags seem to be most affected by the price problem. A wide variety of styles in fabrics and leather are available but values, frankly, are not what we have been accustomed to. Buyers report, however, that customers now expect to pay more and are willing to do so in order to obtain the quality they enjoy.

Silhouette News

The silhouette has not been greatly changed for spring, 1942. Bags are very large except where they have been cut down in size deliberately in order to adhere to a price level. Long, narrow underarms lead by a great majority in most lines. For the past few seasons customers have shown a preference for underarms probably because in most cases they are younger looking. This doesn't mean that there are no top handle types in the lines. Every line contains a few both in matronly styles and dramatic young numbers.

Many manufacturers, both in the inexpensive and better lines, include a few numbers in over-the-shoulder kit bags to wear with uniforms or when doing active war work. Several versions of this type were shown in the January issue of LUGGAGE & LEATHER GOODS.
The soft, squashy dressmaker is another important trend. These, too, tend toward the elongated silhouette. Tailored envelope styles and top zipper models are the good staples that appear in practically all lines. A rather squared silhouette has developed in this group.

Leathers and Fabrics

A diversity of materials is being used this spring. Calf is very important but confined to better lines except for rather small bags in some of the more popular priced groups. Patent, a perennial favorite, looks new when spliced with cape or snakeskin trim. Cape appears extensively especially in soft dressmaker types and bright colors. For tailored bags, there is much saddle leather with stitching or nailheads. Interesting and unusual colors are shown this season in addition to the regulation tan shades.
Novelty leathers such as genuine alligator and alligator grains, snake-skin, morocco and saffian are definitely in the spring picture. Perforated elk and wild boar are being used to good advantage in moderate priced bags.
Many types of fabrics appear this spring. Gabardine is well styled and often combined with patent, calf, cape or saddle leather. Faille is shown in practically all price lines and is done in plain and fancy stitched patterns for both street and cocktail bags. Felt is seen in novelty types. Corde and corded fabrics as well as homespuns and figured cotton and rayon complete the fabric story.
Plastic in many versions and at a wide variety of prices, and simulated leathers in low-end merchandise are among the materials seen in the spring handbag market.

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