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1954 Address:

Tyrolean Handbags
555 Eighth Avenue
New York 18, NY

January 1954 issue Handbags & Accessories

Exhibited at the 1954 January Handbags & Accessories Show at the Hotel McAlpin, Room 997

Tyrolean Handbags made exquisite sculptural handbags in a wide range of materials. Collectors of Lucite and Bakelite seek out their bags, as they are widely collected. Lesser know, perhaps, are Tyrolean's leather bags, often in the same shapes as the plastic ones. Tyrolean bags are most often trimmed in metal and are often bound in metal frames.

Bags for Spring 1956 were presented on January 3, 1956 by agreement as a member of the National Authority for the Ladies Handbag Industry. 1956NationalAuthorityMembers

Lucite & Bakelite Bags by Tyrolean

B00120: A rare Tyrolean 2 Tray bag, actually the only one I've ever seen! The right angle metal latch flips forward to release the lid. The lid mounted beveled edge mirror shows its age with spotting and darkening, especially on one edge. There is some minor speckling of the metal edges of the bag, especially on one side. Complete down to the acetate label. The translucent striped lucite is a real knockout! Measures 6 1/4 x 3 x 3 1/2".

Valued at $375 and available at The Bag Lady Emporium

A00705: The pearlescent white Lucite is formed into raised plateaus on front and back. Impeccable black moiré interior features two gilt edge open pockets and matching black coin purse with security tether. Very slight surface wear or and two or three spots on the metal handle are the only indications of its age. Marked in gold lettering on the lining “Pat. Tyrolean NY” which dates the bag pre-1954. Measures 8 x 2 1/2 x 7 in.

Valued at $175 and available at The Bag Lady Emporium

C00110: Tyrolean-Transparent Amber Striped Lucite bag This sophisticated Tyrolean Transparent Amber Striped Lucite bag is a classic example of Post-War Modernist Sculpture of the 50's. The elongated handle, saucy turned brass feet and metal filigree lid are all signature features of Tyrolean bags. The beveled edge lid mounted mirror shows some age and is obviously original. The bag's condition is exquisite, although there is a single pale "tear drop" darkening on the interior front that is slightly visible through the transparent lucite. This is likely a manufacturing artifact, but to me it's like a Beauty spot! Simply spectacular! Measures 6 3/4 x 4 x 5 1/4". Sold at The Bag Lady Emporium for $330 in 2005.

B00362: Tailored and elegant, this signed Tyrolean clear briefcase bag is framed in gold and embellished with rhinestones on the handle. The smaller size, clean lines, triangular sides and beveled carving combine to make an elegant package. Condition is structurally excellent, cosmetically very good with a few dark rhinestones and surface scratches in the metal lacquer on the sides and bottom. Measures 8 x 2 3/4 x 5".

Valued at $195 and available at The Bag Lady Emporium

Variety Bags by Tyrolean

As is apparent, Tyrolean used the same frame with a variety of materials as the front an back.

A00383: Unusual bejeweled Tyrolean Evening bag. The metal clad handle is fitted with a strip of multicolored prong set rhinestones. The body of the bag is 3” wide at the bottom and 1” wide at the top. The metal frame supports panels of soft vinyl, embedded with glitter in a wide array of colors. The interior is fully lined in beautiful gold moiré’ which shows some very slight wear. Outstanding condition. Measures 8 x 3 x 5 1/4”. Sold at The Bag Lady Emporium for $130 in 2000.

B00089: A Fabulous 50's clear vinyl Tyrolean hand bag with rhinestones encrusted high arch clear Lucite handle, a style so distinctly Tyrolean. The lift up horseshoe shaped latch opens to the expanded gusseted clear vinyl interior. There is a partial clear acetate Tyrolean label present. The bottom of the bag is lined in gold inside and out. The bag is structurally in excellent condition. Its only flaw is a few less than vibrant rhinestones in the handle. Measures 9 1/4 x 5 at the base, 7 inches high to the top of the body, 14 inches with handle. Sold at The Bag Lady Emporium for $85 in 2004.

This remarkable handbag is a good example of Tyrolean originality and craftsmanship the Pyramid shaped body has three separate doors, marked "W' for wallet, "P" for purse and "C" for cigarettes. These interior areas are lined in black faille and fitted with red and black leather pockets. The Pat. by Tyrolean mark indicates a date before 1954. Measures 6.5 x 5.5 x 13.5" including handle. Priced at $850, it is for sale at Mod

This frame style was also sold with beaded sides! This example is beaded in irridescent blue carnival glass beads in a dense floral design. This example had some loose beads and sold online for $400 in 2006.

961198: Tyrolean Handbags quilted tapestry Colonial Lady & Gent with hunting dog scene. Bound on all sides with goldtone metal filigree in spotless condition. Black satin covered snap button closure. Peach moiré lining with gold corded open pocket. Measures 8 x 7 1/2 x 2 1/4".Some minor wear to the black satin back, otherwise pristine. Sold at The Bag Lady Emporium for $50 in 1998.

still in business after zip codes in the 1960s

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