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Posh pink lace convertible clutch 151) Inventory # E00043: Posh pink lace convertible clutch
This posh pink lace convertible clutch is ideal for your special occasion. Shiny pink satin glows through the white lace overlay. A smart gold chain handle folds out if you prefer a clutch. Excellent unused condition. Measures 8 3/4 x 1 1/4 x 5 inches.
Descriptors: 1960s, Clutch Bag, Fabric, Handbag, Red/Pink, Variety Handbags
Status: Available  
Prestige navy faille w conical shape 152) Inventory # 970904: Prestige navy faille w conical shape
Prestige navy faille bag in elegant conical shape with spherical, rhinestone embedded floral goldtone latch ornament! Fully lined in navy satin which has developed a pinkish blush around the edges often seen in vintage lining fabrics. Single open interior pocket features a lipstick sleeve. A slight abrasion on one side, barely visible. Double corded fabric handle shows some fabric wear at each end from rubbing against the metal hardware, but the center of the handle is pristine. Includes matching coin purse and mirror in fitted envelope case. Measures 4 1/2 x 9 x 7 1/4".
Descriptors: 1950s, Blue/Navy, Fabric, Handbag, Prestige, Variety Handbags
Status: Available  
Pristine Brocade 3-Way Clutch 153) Inventory # E00048: Pristine Brocade 3-Way Clutch
Pristine and versatile, this clutch is 3 bags in one. The unusual brocade is actually a reversible panel that attaches onto the black faille body with snaps under the tabs front and back. The reverse side is shiny black vinyl. The bag appears unused and is flawless condition. It is unsigned, but very well made. The eggshell textured vinyl lining is perhaps not up to the quality of the rest of the bag, but it’s spotless. Measures 10 x 6 ½ x 2”.
Descriptors: 1950s, Black/Gray, Fabric, Multicolor, Variety Handbags
Status: Available  
Rare handmade Nantucket Lightship Basket 154) Inventory # 970646: Rare handmade Nantucket Lightship Basket
Rare handmade Nantucket Lightship Basket with scrimshaw fittings, closure peg and signed scrimshaw panel. Similar bag Illustrated on pg. 129 of "A Century of Handbags" by Dooner. Excellent condition. Measures 6x7x9 inches.
Descriptors: 1960s, Brown/Earth Tones, Variety Handbags, Wood
Status: Available  
Red, white and blue barrel bag 155) Inventory # C00276: Red, white and blue barrel bag
This slightly smaller version of the red, white and blue barrel bag carries no maker's mark. The interior is fully lined in spotless black faille. The gusset mounted metal zip pocket that divides the interior has a large open pocket on one side. The condition is excellent with only slight wear to the lacquer on the metal frame and two pinpoint dark spots near bottom hinge. Measures 7 3/4 x 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches.
Descriptors: 1960s, Handbag, Red, White & Blue, Variety Handbags, Vinyl
Status: Available  
Red, White and Blue Vinyl handbag 156) Inventory # C00012: Red, White and Blue Vinyl handbag
Good looking Red, White and Blue Vinyl handbag with tab trim on the envelope flap. The interior is fully lined in eggshell color textured vinyl. The interior is divided down the center by a gusset-mounted metal zip pocket. The lining shows some pen marks. The flex points of the gussets and envelope flap show some splits (see detail) often seen in vintage vinyl bags. The bag latches with a snap. While not without flaws, those that exist are not visible. Measures 9 x 4 x 6" with an 11" handle.
Descriptors: 1950s, Handbag, Red, White & Blue, Variety Handbags, Vinyl
Status: Available  
Rex 5th Ave. Brocade Fitted Clutch 157) Inventory # H00028: Rex 5th Ave. Brocade Fitted Clutch
Rex Fifth Avenue produced fitted clutches like this beautiful gold brocade with earthtone flowers before its 1951 merger with Dorset 5th Avenue to form Dorset-Rex. This exceptional example includes the matching brocade loose powder compact with frame mounted mirror and original puff and a pristine gold lipstick tube that fits into a specially designed sleeve in the bag's interior. The brown satin lining carries the Rex logo and provides a comb pocket, compact pocket and lipstick sleeve. Flawless condition. Measures 6 1/2 x 4 1/4 x 2".
Descriptors: 1950s, Brown/Earth Tones, Clutch Bag, Compact/Cigarette Case, Compact/Cigarette Case, Fabric, Gold, Rex 5th Avenue , Variety Handbags
Status: Available  
Richard Hudnut DuBarry Travel case 158) Inventory # 970580: Richard Hudnut DuBarry Travel case
Richard Hudnut DuBarry Travel case-A Rarely found item. Includes numerous containers with original labels, some with original contents! Items include DuBarry Rachel base powder, unopened packet of facial tissues, glass skin cream jar, class cleansing cream jar, glass skin freshener bottle, foundation lotion glass bottle, red cream rouge and muted blue eye shadow. Similar to Richard Hudnut DuBarry case illustrated on page 164 of "Compacts" by Mueller. Brown vinyl case with snap fastener. Case measures 9 3/8 x 6 1/4 x 3 1/4" Mirror show age spotting. Lovelingly used condition.
Descriptors: 1930s, Brown/Earth Tones, Compact/Cigarette Case, Compact/Cigarette Case, Handbag, Richard Hudnut , Variety Handbags, Vinyl
Status: Available  
Robin Vanity Bag w built-in compact 159) Inventory # A00442: Robin Vanity Bag w built-in compact
Unusual collector’s item with compact on the bottom! Gerson illustrates this Robin Vanity Bag on page 227 of “Vintage Vanity Bags”. The square loose powder compartment includes signed puff and sifter. The case mounted mirror shows some aging. The bottom of the compact is covered with plain black velvet. The rest of the bag is adorned in spots of silver glitter, two or three of which shows slight wear. The soft body of the bag is lined in terra cotta satin and snaps to close. The eyelets at the top indicate there was probably a pull string, but frankly it seems redundant. Measures 3 x 3 inches square on the bottom and 6 inches tall with 13-inch handle.
Descriptors: 1950s, Black/Gray, Fabric, Handbag, Robin Vanity , Silver, Vanity Bag w Built-in Compact, Variety Handbags
Status: Available  
Rodo Italy Nautical Duffel bag 160) Inventory # C00050: Rodo Italy Nautical Duffel bag
Fresh Nautical style Rodo Italy Duffel bag with twisted 38” rope shoulder strap. This is a very recent bag but one collectors might enjoy. The front flag stripe is embellished with a gold rope and life ring trim. The ship’s wheel zipper pull continues the motif. The 9 ½” plastic top zipper opens to a spotless mushroom vinyl interior with a single large plastic zip pocket. The “Rodo Italy” gold logo and signature lining fabric vouch for the bag’s authenticity. Excellent unused condition. Measures an ample 11 x 3 ½ x 7 ½”.
Descriptors: 1980s, Blue/Navy, Rodo Italy , Shoulder Bag, Variety Handbags, Vinyl
Status: Available  
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